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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice

What a beautiful day for the Summer Solstice.
Here are pictures around the gardens this morning. The mint is ready for drying as you can see in the picture above left. My comfrey is blooming, pictured top right!
I've been drying nettle already. One can never have enough nettle. I plan on adding it to the goats and chicken's feed this winter.
Have a wonderful day!

Flossy and Snowball

We picked up our two new goats last Thursday the 18th of June. They are very sweet and well behaved girls. Flossy is 2 years old and Snowball 1 year old. They are both milking each about 1/2 gallon in the morning and evening. Flossy tends to be a bit more in the morning. We have goat milk!! I'm going to put a sign out by the road to sell, as I know now I will not beable to use it all either in my soap or consuming.
We have had the girls in the pen with panels inside the llama pasture. Today we let the girls in with the llamas and everyone is coexisting wonderfully. Snowball went to sniff Shadow and he did a leap and ran away. Too funny.
Shadow is the chocolate male and Dharma is laying down. We had hoped for a baby of Shadow's and Dharma's this year, but it doesn't seem we will. Shadow went down to visit the Fox's girls last year and they have one darling baby boy. They named him Bo Jangles.
Off to do some yard work.