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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Winter's Handiwork

More snow and more predicted tonight and tomorrow! Perhaps if I share another poem by my grandmother...we can see the beauty once more.

Winter's Handiwork

The snow has ceased to fall
And all the world is still,
Gray clouds are appliqued against the sky
Above the white-roofed hill.

The firs are richly clad
In ermine robes that gleam.
A frosting over hands the river's edge
Where it narrows to a stream.

The fence is trimmed with lace
And cotton candy fluff.
Each silhouetted rock is softened now
With a lamb's wool powder puff.

Oh, lovely is the scene
Where magic lends a glow;
Identities are lost in winter's charm
To the artistry of snow.

Maude G. Booth

Chook Haven Musings

My posts here, will be the fun happenings on and transformation of our little hobby farm. I no longer will share much in the way of informational or herbal teachings, but please visit my blog archives for what I have shared in the past.
 Please visit my other blog "Gaia Wise Ways". Gaia Wise Ways is my blog for continuing the venue of sustainable living, back to basics and heirloom skills.
I've changed the name of this blog to "Chook Haven Musings". What the heck does "chook" mean, you ask? It is an Australian word for chicken. I have a friend through the internet of many years from South Wales, Australia. The first time I heard Linda refer to a chook I fell in love with the sound of it.
I have about 22 chooks and we are getting about 9 to 11 eggs a day now. Last week when the weather was turning spring-like we opened the door to their little haven and they were so happy. They dusted themselves in the sand and pecked around all day.
We are back to winter again this week with about 9" more of snow! The chook's freedom was short lived.

The goats were out and about as well but now don't want to venture out into the new snow.

Chatty and Dee Dee, the two goats closest to their due date are in the barn permanently until they have their kids the first of May. I sure hope this weather turns around by then! Sydney the Emu has been inside all winter as well. We open the doors for him to get fresh air and get visits from the chooks when they are out.
Our neighbor continues to feed the deer. The highest count coming in to feed is 38!

When we moved onto this little farm, we put up quick temporary structures for the horses. We bought carpet from the Restore for the shelter sides. We are surprised at how well this works. Aside from the fact that it's ugly, it is cheap and efficient and the horses don't chew on it like they do wood.

 We made one permanent structure for the horses toward the entrance to the place. We wanted one that was not going to be an eye-sore for passing cars.
I'd like to put the name of our little farm, on the wall of this horse shelter that is facing the road. A name has not presented itself yet, as I posted on my other blog. It will come I'm sure.
Until my next post, may your day be blessed, and try to enjoy winter's last fair well snow!
I'll share one of my grandmother's poems.

The Last Snowflake

I was the last snowflake to leave;
I pondered reasons for reprieve.
I spoke with sunbeams in command,
Who said they really had it planned.
They taught me how the flowers grow
And showed me where the rivers flow.
I saw the birds come flying in
With songs above the bullfrogs din.
The sunbeams told how leaves unfurl
And how soft breezes made them twirl.
The blue of sky turned bluer still,
With anxious rain clouds primed for drill.
Now April challenged my delay;
Regretfully, I slipped away.
Maude G. Booth