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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What really matters? What's really important? What's is all for?

Here is the message I received today from; "Notes From The Universe"

What really matters? What's really important? Why bother? Who cares? What's it all for?
You, it's all about you. What you like and dislike. What you want and don't want. What makes you smile and laugh. What makes you learn and grow.
Selfish? How else could you shine your light? How else could you possibly hope to lift the world? How else could you be all that we dreamed you might be?

Selfish of me -
The Universe


So, here are a few thoughts I have about what really matters and what it is that makes me happy.

Watching my sons becoming the awesome young men they are...truly authentic and individuals. I am happy that I was able to homeschool them and have them be such a huge part of my life. My sons make me smile and laugh.

Living and enjoying a self-sustainable life style on our homestead. Living a lifestyle that I dreamed of living while growing up. This is a dream come true for me. 

Caring for and enjoying all our the different animals...goats, dogs, horses, cattle, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits...I could not survive without my animal friends and having the connection I do with each one. They make me smile and laugh.

Feeling the dirt in my hands as I plant the garden and tending it as it grows. Raising our own food and knowing what we are eating to sustain healthy bodies.

I like that I can make healthy herbal and personal care products for my family and friends. And that I am continuing the path of learning, growing and living the "Wise Womyn" ways.

Expressing myself through my art/crafts and creating. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creation...this is the most rewarding way for me to learn and grow. I want to finish my labyrinth this year. I want to make a new herbal garden in the design of a star. I want to build a arbor out of diamond willow...

What's really important to me is my family and true friends. I can only think that it's them who really care. They are there through thick and thin as the saying goes. 

This is a transitional time in my life of being a "crone". My sons are defining and deciding who and what they are all about. I think that's what it is all about...helping them and preparing them for this time in their lives...and of this time in my life! 

It's all about leaving a legacy for my sons to hand down to the next generation.

It's about fond memories of special times with friends and family. I don't like the fact that I could be creating more fond memories of special times...I don't like that I am so busy all the time and don't spend more time with those friends that I would like to. 

I like that it is a time to begin nurturing myself and enjoying what it is that makes me happy...this time is upon me now that my sons are grown and capable of doing so much for themselves and don't need me as much. I don't like that my sons don't need me as much...LOL!




Kidding Around

We are done with birthing the kids and what a relief. Flossy had her two buck kids on Monday morning the 17th. Number One Son is white with a little black for points around the eyes, nose and knees. Number Two Son with coloring like his Dad Lester, didn't make it into the world alive.
Today we introduced the new little buck to Snowball's kids. Her three were born on Earth Day, and are juvenile delinquents with running and climbing all over the yard. The first two pics are the newest arrival. We were going to call him Dipstick, thinking he had black on the end of his tail. But it was still just wet from being born. So we'll have to come up with a better name.

 The third picture is of the two bucks from Snowball. "Ghini" is colored like his Dad Lester an Alpine coloring and "Dude" is light brown with white ears that speckled brown with tiny spots. Both are beautiful little Bucks. They have been debudded and will be banned this week to become Weathers (castrated bucks). We already have homes for them and will be pets on a farm.
The fourth picture is "Ghini" meeting the newest addition. Total acceptance.
And the last is Chatty on top of my oldest son Winchester. She is very indulged and I think we have created a monster. We will be keeping her and adding her to our milking herd.
Goats make me happy!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dandelion Wine Making

This is my first year making dandelion wine. I'm excited to add another to my list of brewing accomplishments. 
Yesterday, me, my son Remington and 5 of our dogs went and picked the flowers down by our maple grove for about 45 minutes. It was so windy and cold...a very blustery day! The dogs always enjoy themselves and snoop, running and chasing each other. Brewsky (Boo Boo) the black lab and Scooter (Pickle Weasel) especially!
Beware...your hands will become stained with brownish yellow "stuff" from picking the flowers!
This is what I discovered; I waited until early evening to remove the green base of the flower from the yellow petals and by that time, all of the flowers were wilting...alot. So now I know that they must be processed SOON after picking. Your hand and fingernails will continue to stain.
The recipe calls for 2 litres of dandelions needed for 1 gallon of wine. The yellow flowers measured 1 1/2 litres after de-greening.
Here is the link to the recipe I am using: "Brew-magic, UK"
I have two batches started. I used 1/2 gallon of distilled water per batch of dandelion flowers. This was just enough to cover the flowers for steeping.
 Two days the flowers steep and then it will be ready to get it brewing.
I will continue with the procedure and relay any information that may help anyone for their first time in brewing Dandelion Wine!