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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kidding Around

We are done with birthing the kids and what a relief. Flossy had her two buck kids on Monday morning the 17th. Number One Son is white with a little black for points around the eyes, nose and knees. Number Two Son with coloring like his Dad Lester, didn't make it into the world alive.
Today we introduced the new little buck to Snowball's kids. Her three were born on Earth Day, and are juvenile delinquents with running and climbing all over the yard. The first two pics are the newest arrival. We were going to call him Dipstick, thinking he had black on the end of his tail. But it was still just wet from being born. So we'll have to come up with a better name.

 The third picture is of the two bucks from Snowball. "Ghini" is colored like his Dad Lester an Alpine coloring and "Dude" is light brown with white ears that speckled brown with tiny spots. Both are beautiful little Bucks. They have been debudded and will be banned this week to become Weathers (castrated bucks). We already have homes for them and will be pets on a farm.
The fourth picture is "Ghini" meeting the newest addition. Total acceptance.
And the last is Chatty on top of my oldest son Winchester. She is very indulged and I think we have created a monster. We will be keeping her and adding her to our milking herd.
Goats make me happy!

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Julie said...

We will come over on Friday and meet the kids. My kids to yours. :o)
I love goats too but to visit, I had some while growing up, that was enough.
They are so adorable. Thank you for sharing them.
Take care Terri and we'll see you Friday.