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Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Know Spring Is Here When.....

It's Maple Sapping Time! The guys starting tapping maples yesterday. Remington had tapped our big maple in the front yard on Wednesday which is always our indicator for when the sap is running. Last year we started on March 10th, so yup we are right on schedule. I'll head down sometime today and take pics of the area we sap. We have a lovely grove of Maples on the South end of our property.

Calving is moving along slowly. We have only 17 born...not even half way! Last weekend with the Full Moon did NOT bring about the births we had hoped was to happen. frustrating this waiting and waiting.

Painting in my workshop area is coming along nicely. I have most of the floor painted. Yes! The walkway still needs to be painted but I'll do that when I get the walls done and everything put back and organized. The walls are a lovely butter yellow.

My mom came over again and helped move stuff...again. This is all the supplies we had put in the back room before I had really thought things out. The painting project put a new "light" on re-organizing as well...I'm not promising anything, but I think this is the best layout for production I've come up with yet.

All my soaping/product making supplies are in place. Almost everything is where it should be, but just a little more organizing needs to be done. I'll move my working tables in the middle today. The space below the stairs is perfect for all my bulk containers. They are such a pain! My Mom helped with putting them in labeled garbage bags so they stay clean and ready for use.

Ok off to get ready for the day. Everyone have a wonderful day.