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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Break

I've been doing taxes this week and finishing them up today and tomorrow. I'll be getting them off to our accountant tomorrow. It is amazing how expensive it was to run this farm last year. With fuel prices the way they were...crazy.
So I'm taking a little break to post here while I'm snacking on our home made Raspberry Pepper Jelly with cream cheese on crackers. Whewwwhhhh it's hot!
Ok I posted a picture here of my Maple Mead. This is by far the best of any of my home brewing so far. The maple syrup along with the honey gives it such a nice mellow flavor. I'm making another batch this week. I've got requests from friends!
My next project is to get the back room here in my shop ready to start some seeds. I am hoping that when everything is germinated that our little green house on the side of my shop will be ready and we can move the plants out there. I am planting mostly heirloom again this year. You just can't beat the taste and health benefits.
Ooohhh, news flash! My facial scrub bar is amazing! I used all high end oils that are nourishing, age defying and rejuvenating and it feels absolutely luxurious. I made a small mold for a test batch, but now knowing how wonderful it turned out, I'll be making a large batch soon.
AND...another news worthy tid bit....I bought a milk goat! Lilly Bell (and kids) will be coming to live with us as soon as she her kids are born, which are due in two weeks. I have been wanting a goat for years. I am having so much trouble purchasing goat milk for my soaps that I just finally decided enough was enough...I need a goat!
Alright off to finish up taxes.

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