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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planting Time

The green house has worked perfectly. The windows with screens let in just enough fresh air to keep the plants from frying. As cold tolerant plants sprouted and grew, I was able to move them to the smaller cold frame.
Yesterday, I started planting seeds and am planting by the "companion planting" method. I have done this in past years but not as extensively as I plan to do this year. All is falling into place just fine.
I have planted more flowers this year than I ever have. This has been fun. I know nothing about flowers. Other than a few I have bought at greenhouses cuz they were pretty.
I already have a batch of nettle drying in the dehydrator. I will continue next with wild crafting plantain to infuse for healing salve. Wild crafting is my most enjoyable part of life in the summer.
We were shocked as to how many volunteer tomato plants were coming up in the garden. We salvaged quite a few of these to isolate in a raised bed. These were an heirloom variety of a small yellow pear. They were absolutely delicious in salads.

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