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Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Solstice Musings

This is always a time of extremes here on our homestead. Are daily activities revolve around the care of the livestock. We don't venture far, so even the holiday celebrations (if much at all) are kept close to home. On Christmas Day we visited my parents (who live in Brainerd) for a few hours and had a ham dinner and a fun activity of sugar cookie decorating.
The snow accumulation was not only sudden but abundant and temperatures warmed enough that melting occurred for a couple days. I took pictures of the snow slide off of the shed roof that is behind my shop. We realized that if it let go and actually slid all the way off it would fall right in front of the doorways to the animals that are housed there. So Remington, my youngest son cut it in sections and shoveled it away from their doorways.
Most of my product is home from consignment at Christmas Markets. I have been busy re-labeling and taking inventory. This last year has been a different venue for my product. I consigned at four new locations. It was successful and a learning experience to say the least. I will be continuing with only one for the 2010 year; the Remer Arts & Craft Coop.
So this leads me to make an exciting announcement. My shop will be hosting a new venue this next year and will be re-opening. The Rustic Rooster Art Project will be hosting a collaboration/partnership of some very talented artists, wellness facilitators and business women. Please visit the new "Rustic Dandelion" blog to find out more about this exciting venture planned for the near future.

All of January I will be preparing for the "Back To Basics" hosted by Happy Dancing Turtle Organization.
The date for "Back To Basics" is Saturday, January 30th. Please visit their website for workshop information and sign-up. I will be vendoring as well as being a presenter.
This week I am making Bath Salts and Body Butter. Now that the dry winter months are upon us we all need to take extra care of our skin and our health. What better way to nourish our skin than with moisturizing butters and deep cleaning and detoxifying.
Wishing Everyone Wellness
*Body *Mind *Spirit Care

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Julie said...

Yeah your back. So cool. I've been waiting for you to have time to blog again. You're still on my blog for people to check out so hopefully someone comes and follows. I'll check out your new blog for the rustic dandilion.
Take care Terri. Call me when you have time to chatter, things here have been interesting.
God Bless you and yours this coming New Year and always.