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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2010 Back To Basics in Pine River

Saturday, January 29th, 2010 Happy Dancing Turtle hosted another "Back To Basics" Event. I had been a presenter or a vendor for 4 years running. The Workshop I offered was "Top Ten Herbals & Botanicals for Wellness". Unfortunately I couldn't pick just ten and had fourteen to talk about!
The class was filled and well received. My only wish was that I had chosen a double session, as the single session of 45 minutes was not long enough at all! I briefed through which was a shame. Sooo many herbs, so little time!

I set up stations for everyone to look over. For each herb, I provided an informational sheet, a dried herb sample in a jar and product made from the herb. Most stations consisted of a tincture/extract and an infused oil.
 I handed out informational sheets for Nettle and Wild Rose/Rosehip as well as a recipe sheet.
Included were informational sheets on "Body Dowsing", "A 12th Century Herbalist Invocation", A list of resources from the web and books, "Herbal Procedures and Preparations".
Here are the Top 14 Herbal and Botanicals for Wellness!
Nettle (wild crafted), Wild Rose & Rosehips (wild crafted, but of course you may use cultivated rose), Elder (cultivated), Plantain (wild crafted), Calendula (cultivated), Borage (cultivated), St. Johns Wort (cultivated), Chamomile (cultivated) & Pineapple Weed (wild crafted), Yarrow (wild crafted), Catnip (cultivated, but I've found it escaped and growing "in the wild" like along a sidewalk!), Red Clover (cultivated & wild crafted), Comfrey (cultivated), Jewelweed (wild crafted),

Everyone seemed to enjoy the procedure of self-testing by "Energy Scanning" and also known as "Body Dowsing:". The website that I used for the hand out sheet is from Heron Herbals.
Barbara is known throughout the herbal community as the guru of self-testing. Here is her website, "Lady Barbara's Garden".
I saw many familiar faces from the years before who had taken my workshops and many new who were just exploring into the herbal world.

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