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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mosquito Season Coming Soon!

Two of my seasonal products I make are "Insect Away" Lotion and "Insect Away" Spray; Herbal & Essential Oil Pest Discouragers! I use the spray on my horse "Greyboy" as he has sensitive Arabian skin and it works wonderfully! I make up a huge spray bottle especially for him.
I'm going to be giving Herbal Workshops this spring and summer and making your own bug spray is going to be one of those scheduled. Probably in June. So keep posted and I'll have the workshop schedule up soon here and on my website.
But for now I'm going to share a couple of my main ingredients that make my bug spray so very effective as well as natural and safe! These two ingredients are; Infused Catnip in Olive Oil and Yarrow Tincture. Both of these are easy to prepare and incorporate into your own homemade bug spray.
So today I'm going to give directions on how to make your catnip infused oil.
When your catnip is up and flourishing, gather with scissors (leave enough behind so your catnip can continue growing). Chop up your catnip with scissors. Put it in your crock pot, pour cold-press virgin olive oil (I use organic) over the catnip until it is just covered. DO NOT put the cover on, and turn on low. Now my crock pot is not a hot crock pot and I am able to leave mine on for a couple hours. You do not want your catnip and oil to get too hot so don't let it simmer. If you have to turn your crock pot on and off a couple times so that you get a couple hours of infusion with a low heat then do so. Strain with a colander. Put into a glass bottle and let sit overnight on the counter. In the morning you will see a sediment film on the bottom. Strain off again and throw the sediment away. Keep in the fridge until ready for use.
I have an affinity with catnip. I love the smell, I adore the fuzzy like leaves and wouldn't think of being without catnip in my herb garden.
Next I'll post on how to make Yarrow Tincture.

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Julie said...

Thanks for sharing Terri but I still think I'll come shopping at your store. I love you teaching me things though, each time I'm with you I bring something new home in my head and heart.
Thank you. Take care and I'll talk to you later on.